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 Pluvia Liberandum means ‘rain rescue’ in Latin and that is the ethos of our brand.  

We want to rescue you from the rain and from the dull dreary days,

and lend a helping hand to others with challenges in life.  

We believe in being kind every day and paying forward the love extended to us.  

We want to start a tribe, a tribe that represents a positive outlook in what can be a stormy world.   

We are a philanthropic retailer.  We sell original fine art prints and umbrellas, designed to lift your mood.  A part of the profits from each fine art print and umbrella sale will be donated to charity.  We will be updating on the progress made fundraising and on the projects once underway.  

Thanks for buying into our philosophy and helping our charity friends. We hope you stick around and follow our journey. 



Small Strokes


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 As we grow bigger, we are going to add more stockists.

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Lives Not Knives was founded by Eliza Rebeiro in 2007 as a campaign to make people aware of the dangers of knife crime. It has since moved towards supporting young people into education, employment and training.

LNK works with a broad range of young people up to the age of 24, as well as a great number of local businesses – forging the connection between young people and prospective employers. The charity aims to assist young people by developing their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.

The LNK team comprises of highly motivated individuals with a passion for improving the life chances of young people and use their skills and experience with dedication and professionalism.

You can find out more at